Last Friday we had an emotive event, our tradicional Spelling Bee Contest.

This event has become an opportunity for students to create stronger camaraderie bonds among grades. This motivation to get involved and use the second language naturally has taken place not only in the English sessions but also in different settings, such as the Greetings and Closures. Besides, all of  the teachers have been involved in this project and have encouraged their students to make the most of this opportunity. 

In childhood, playing is existing, it’s not only entertainment, playing is acting, motion, motive. 

In childhood, it’s role playing.

The kid’s play is the most serious thing in the world, and without rules, it is not possible to play. 

In childhood, children don’t play, they live.

Therefore, one learns because one belongs

Remember, one learns because one belongs.

The winners were Samuel David Mujica (1º), Miguel Jaramillo (2º), Isaac Porras(3º) Congratulations!