Last Friday, November 4th, we had our Fourth Annual Spelling Bee Contest. This event has become an opportunity for students to create stronger camaraderie bonds among grades. Students from Second and Third Grade have shown enthusiasm and have made efforts to be in this contest, adopting a positive attitude to practice the spelling of different words in their classes from the beginning of the year. This motivation to get involved and naturally use the second language has taken place not only in the English sessions but also in different settings such as the Greetings and Closures. Besides, all the teachers have been involved in this project and have encouraged the students to make the most out of this opportunity. 

This year, both students and teachers made significant efforts and it was evident in a successful event. All the participants showed their preparation and great appropriation of the rules and the way the Spelling Bee works. Each year the competition gets tighter and students have a higher level of expertise. The Director of the Centro Infantil, Alejandra Hernandez, opened the event with a beautiful speech. We had the participation of special guests and parents before the actual competition. The first round went pretty great and most students spelled their words correctly , passing to the next round. For the second round, only the five fastest participants went to the final round but most of them spelled their words correctly, evidencing their preparation and good level. The final round was exciting and these were the results:

1st Place: Isaac Ortiz Gaviria

2nd Place: Juanita Betancur Mesa

3rd Place: Agustin Cadavid Acosta

We congratulate our winners, finalists and all the participants of this fourth edition of our Spelling Bee, including parents and teachers. We hope it continues to be a remarkable opportunity for all the members of our community to get involved in the second language and challenge ourselves everyday. As we’ve seen, the Spelling Bee has become a perfect place for students to demonstrate how much they enjoy, grow and mature by being immersed in the second language.