The Immersion Program is a project, created and headed by Gimnasio Internacional de Medellín, that was conceived out of the necessity to generate scenarios beyond the classroom where students can compete in different settings with English as the only oral communication resource, regardless of the proficiency each participant may have. Nowadays, with the strong belief that language is shaped by the environment, the Immersion Program is a project whose scope transcends individual proficiency, allowing attendees to sharpen their language skills from a collective construction and by complying with the rules set out. 

This year, the Immersion Program reached its 14th version and was developed under the next objective: To use English exclusively along the course of a program that involves different linguistic, academic and cultural settings in which learning, willingness and cohesion converge in the spirit of building on knowledge, regardless of individual proficiency, by means of exposure, immersion and partaking. Five guest schools have been part of this interschool project and we have visited farms in 10 different towns in Antioquia. This year, the location was in Barbosa and it held 40 people who embraced the idea of living in  English for 36 straight hours.

In brief, the Immersion Program 2022 was successful and proved to be a valuable scenario that included literature, panels, integrated skills competitions, music, sports, along with clue and board games. Considering the solidity that this project has gained year after year, it is time to consider expanding the interaction circle with more attendees and new guest schools so as to provide more demanding challenges and stimulating experiences through a wider interaction in non-conventional school projects such as this one.


Compilation of pictures of the Immersion Program 2022: